Signature Line

Just like you and your family, every signature is unique. At Habitations Residential Design Group, our Signature service is a unique process that defines who we are and what we do best.

Working with clients developing the designs for their new homes, our strength is in the way we creatively transform your ideas into a home that is structurally sound, architecturally efficient and timeless in beauty. Each custom home expresses your unique signature, as it has been created to enhance the way you live, your traditions, your activities and your lifestyle.


Designing a home is a highly personal experience. Your needs are not like those of your neighbor’s, and there’s no better way to maximize your dollar and your square footage than by designing a home that meets YOUR unique lifestyle. Want fewer bedrooms and a larger great room? Ditching that powder room in order to make the laundry more functional? Maybe you have a lot with special grading or fabulous views and you want to take advantage of those characteristics. A Signature plan can help provide you with a home design based on everything you need and nothing you don’t, which can also save quite a bit in construction costs. For a home design experience unlike any other (and that’s a great thing!), a Habitations Signature plan is the obvious way to create a home that’s perfect for you.

The Signature design process always begins with you talking and us listening. We want to know how you live, your specific needs and all those little details that will make your home…yours. Then we use our creativity and architectural skill to put on paper that custom design that reflects the things that are important to you. In the end, we want you to be perfectly happy with the design, so we’ll work closely with you, tweaking design, square footage, etc., to ensure that your finished plan is just right.

Meet the designer:
A typical first meeting will last between 1-2 hours with you and a member of our design team. We will discuss your ideas, criteria and site considerations. We learn about who you are and what your specific needs and wants may be, listening to your ideas without trying to squeeze your needs into a preconceived box. We will also go through the proposal explaining the signature services, clearly covering the design phases, timeline and pricing, and answer any questions you might have before you set us loose to visit the site and work up the initial concept for your new home. We will also answer any questions you have about the building process to the best of our ability.

Conceptual Phase:
This phase is the most creative phase of the entire design process. Your thoughts and ideas are used as the clay as we shape and mold those ideas into a functional working design. It is also a very collaborative phase as we will typically meet with you several times to receive feedback, discuss options and continue to tweak the design as needed, ensuring everything is just right before we begin the final design phase.

During this process we also prefer to discuss cost and building options, interior design, and material selection, as well as engineering and building permit processes.

Final Design Phase:
Once the conceptual design for your home is complete (meaning all of the details have been worked through), our experienced CAD operators put the plan into a highly detailed digital format. Your builder will use this digital plan to construct your home. The digital plan gives your builder accurate measurements and specifications, ensuring that the plan you envisioned is the home that is brought to life! We are happy to consult and work side-by-side with your contractor to make sure that every detail of your home is accurate and just as you have imagined.

So when you’re ready to start designing your signature home, our Signature service is the ideal way to begin.