We are seeing with more frequency that clients have become attached to the areas where they currently live: the neighborhood is nice and the home holds precious memories for the family.

But life changes, along with a family’s needs.

Children move out, leaving unneeded space; the family expands so there is a need for larger gathering areas; styles and preferences change and clients want an updated look for their existing home. Remodeling a home allows a way to obtain the look and feel of a new home without the stress, hassle and cost of building from the ground up.

Working with existing structures can be difficult and requires special knowledge and experience. A carefully designed set of plans detailing the additions to be made is critical. Without them, mistakes are almost inevitable and costs and delays can soar out of control.

Over the past years, our team at Habitations has helped many to re-shape their current homes in order to meet their updated needs and tastes. We possess the expertise, experience and ability to design remodels and additions of any shape, size and style in order to meet your desires and needs.

If you decide that remodeling or adding on to your home is the right way to go, please contact us at Leave us your contact information and any other information you would like to share about the project. We will contact you immediately and determine the best way to serve you.

Our primary objective for home remodels and home additions is to have satisfied clients who are completely comfortable and feel relaxed in their newly transformed homes.




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